Electronic Mail 003 Send verified e-mails, even without a website.

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The final list price for this product is valid for one calendar year from successful purchase, applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 12 consecutive calendar months.

• We activate and maintain your e-mail server > including the account setup and mailboxes

• We manage your server configurations > you manage each of your mailboxes independently

• You manage calendars, contacts and e-mails for each mailbox > for the whole duration


We create a unique account for you that makes your communications secure and simple for all recipients. You can send messages in real time and manage all correspondences and contacts effortlessly from anywhere (on desktop and mobile devices) as long as you have an internet connection. The server is pre-configured and ready to be connected to your registered domain name 24-72 hours from purchase. Purchase includes the server and e-mail services for its entire duration.

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You must have a registered domain name in order to use this product. The domain needs to be TLS/SSL-Encrypted and needs to be pointed to our SiteGround nameservers.

We can register a domain name for you and point it correctly to the servers. Please, contact us to request a domain registration and agree on related terms. You can also acquire an available domain by yourself from the many trusted providers you can find on Google. The validity of your domain must match (or exceed) the duration of your e-mail account.

The mailboxes we configure for you are provided by SiteGround and remain SSL-encrypted at all times, making all your incoming and outgoing e-mails secure. IMAP, POP3 and SMTP encrypt all your e-mail communications.

A personal account manager may contact you within 24-72 hours from the moment your Order is Completed Successfully on our virtual store, in case you need further assistance or when we need information related to your mailbox details.

We create an account dedicated to you only, including your independent mailboxes. You can access each webmail panel from anywhere to manage credentials, contacts, calendars and e-mails. You can use e-mail services even without having an internet website installed on your registered domain.

We’re open from Monday to Sunday from 06:13 until 22:06 and for Emergencies we serve 24/7 in CET or UTC+01:00 and CEST or UTC+02:00 in Summer.

• The messages are sent and received in real time and go through encrypted servers

The number of mailboxes you can have depends on the option you select to purchase this product.

• The mailboxes can be easily configured on your device with any e-mail application

You can access and manage each of the mailboxes instantly as long as you have internet access.

All you need to do is send us the name of each mailbox you want to create (the part before @domain.*). You can either include their names in the notes section at checkout, or reply to the invoice you receive by e-mail when your purchase is completed successfully. Within 24-72 hours you receive a secure master password and the URL link from where you can access each webmail panel and set a new password.


Product Description

E-mail messaging (created by Ray Tomlinson in 1971) is the world’s most popular communication channel, wherever there is internet access. E-mail provides an effortless way to exchange electronic correspondences including attached files (e.g. documents, media, archives). People make use of trusted free public domains (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) to fulfil their basic needs for sending and receiving e-mails. Professionals and organisations make use of verified e-mail accounts that are transmitted through a unique domain, to deliver and receive messages safely. Spam protection helps keep dangerous communications away from your mailbox.


E-mails you send can include file attachments up to 50MB and you can receive up to 20 messages per minute on each mailbox (for safety reasons). Mailboxes of the same domain name can send up to 800 e-mails per hour, and each e-mail can be delivered to a maximum of 80 different addresses (the number of recipients that can be included in one e-mail).

• Messages can be scheduled to be delivered (to their recipients) at a future date and time, which you can configure easily

• Each separate mailbox can be accessed, managed and receive notifications on computer, tablet and smartphone (mobile)


Product Specifications

• We do the server maintenance in the background

• All account mailboxes are provided by SiteGround

• Mailboxes are unique > we create them upon request

E-mail services and each account mailbox can be accessed on internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari) and e-mail applications (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Mail). You can configure them easily by using the mailbox coordinates and setup instructions we send you. The capacity for each mailbox is maximum 512 MB.


Closing Statements

• The final list price for this product is valid for one calendar year from successful purchase, applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 12 consecutive calendar months

• To renew this product for another year at the same price it was purchased and continue using it uninterrupted, follow the guidance provided by the account manager in time

• This product is refundable up to 7 work days from successful purchase confirmation (depending on your chosen payment method, some transaction fees are non-refundable)

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Electronic Mail 003 Send verified e-mails, even without a website.

 389,00 1.002,00

SKU 003 Catalogue Label