Automatic Store 002 Provide products, publish articles, website ready.

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The final list price for this product is valid for one calendar year from successful purchase, applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 12 consecutive calendar months.

• We activate and maintain your entire website > including updates to the system and plugins

• We manage your store settings and the inventory of products > you send us their information

• We publish the articles you send us and manage all your publications > for the whole duration


We have put together all the components and design elements that make this website secure and simple for all visitors. You can publish articles in real time and manage all products and orders effortlessly from anywhere (on desktop and mobile devices) as long as you have an internet connection. This website is pre-configured and ready to be connected to your registered domain name 24-72 hours from purchase. Purchase includes hosting and e-mail services for its entire duration.


Please, browse our own website “” to see this product in action, since we use the same product to provide you this experience. You can return here to continue with your purchase, or you can add this product to your basket now for a quicker checkout.

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You must have a registered domain name in order to use this product. The domain needs to be TLS/SSL-Encrypted and needs to be pointed to our SiteGround nameservers.

We can register a domain name for you and point it correctly to the servers. Please, contact us to request a domain registration and agree on related terms. You can also acquire an available domain by yourself from the many trusted providers you can find on Google. The validity of your domain must match (or exceed) the duration of your website.

This website is built using plugins trusted by millions worldwide. It’s a complete internet application that is genuine and secure, simply reachable from anywhere, it’s interactive, clean, organised and dynamic, while being very easy for you to sell products and publish articles, even on the move.

A personal account manager may contact you within 24-72 hours from the moment your Order is Completed Successfully on our virtual store, in case you need further assistance or when we need information related to your website details. 

We assign an email address dedicated to you only, where you can send the products and articles you want us to synchronise with your website. The e-mail address is unique to you and is monitored by a personal account manager regularly during our work-hours.

We’re open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 21:00 and on Saturday from 09:00 until 19:00 in CET or UTC+01:00 and CEST or UTC+02:00 in Summer.

• The products you send will be synchronised in the chronological order they are received (maximum 2 products per hour)

The total capacity of your inventory depends on the option you select to purchase this product.

• The articles you send us will be published in the chronological order they are received (maximum 2 articles per hour)

You can publish an unlimited number of articles (posts) when you decide to add them yourself.

All you need to do is provide the details and description of the products you want to sell, up to 12 images or videos (e.g. YouTube links), as well as tax and shipping details when they apply to the products. We upload the products on your website and you receive Orders from Customers instantly via e-mail and on your mobile (App provided by WooCommerce on Android and iOS).

The same applies to articles, you send us their text and cover image, up to 12 media files to include in the article (e.g. photo gallery, YouTube links), as well as information about the author and sources to be referenced. We upload the articles on your website and you receive regular statistics on Visitors via e-mail and on your mobile (App provided by Jetpack on Android and iOS).

• Product catalogues, labels and attributes help your Customers browse easily and find the products they want faster

• Their equivalents: Article categories, tags and authors allow your Visitors to save time and navigate with great facility

Include as much information as you can with your products and articles to increase their chances of being discovered.

The time it takes for any item to become available to your website visitors is a few hours (usually 12 hours or less) from the moment we receive correct details from you at the unique e-mail address assigned for this purpose.

• Items can be scheduled to become public (for website visitors) at a future date which you indicate and we configure

• Changes for products and articles that are published on your website can be made at most 2 (two) times per week


Product Description

The World Wide Web (created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989) enables people to interact with millions of websites around the world. Websites are accessible from desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphone devices connected to the internet. Millions of websites around the globe in function today constitute the world wide web or “www”. An internet website can be a wonderful medium that connects and unites people in real time, no matter where they are physically located.


The website structure is already configured, including pages, navigation menus, header, footer and the internal sections that update dynamically (automated).

You can personalise this website to make it unique and distinguishable by your visitors.

• Your Logo

> image: you send it, we set it > placed left on the top header, as your homepage link

• Your Cover

> image(s): you send, we set it > stands just below the top header, in your homepage

• Your Identity

> text: usually the website’s name, you decide, we set it > goes on top of the Cover

• Your Contacts

> links: e-mail, phone, location, you provide, we configure them > page and menus

• Your Motto

> text: usually describing your purpose, you decide, we set it > on the Cover’s end

• Your Announcement

> text: phrase or calling for action, you decide, we set it > stands below the Motto

• Your Introduction

> media: at the “question mark” page, you send it, we set it > photos, videos, text

Your Privacy Policy, Terms, as well as details on Returns are legally required for your website, therefore we have already compiled their acceptable versions. You can replace them with your own policies by sending us the updated versions via e-mail and we do the integration in your website database.


Product Specifications

• Publish and manage articles, media items, and products on your website in complete autonomy, any time you choose

• Access your website’s administration panel on the move to manage orders made by customers in real time with instant updates

• Organise your products and published articles in various categories to let customers navigate quickly and find items with ease

• Assign labels to products and tags to articles providing a better experience when visitors browse your website many times

• Specify attributes that belong to grouped or individual products to let your customers use them as filters when browsing your store

• Monitor statistics in real time about what pages your visitors see, what articles they read and the products they browse on your website

• Your visitors can purchase as guests or create their own account on your website to see their history and save their details for faster checkout

• You can accept payments in cash (when delivered), by bank transfer, or by PayPal and their gateway for accepting instant payments by bank card

A verified and active PayPal account is required to accept payments through their gateway. Your account credentials and your PayPal key are required for activating their gateway on your website. You can accept payments via PayPal only when you have a verified Visa card linked to your account, transaction fees apply (terms and policies are available in your PayPal account settings).

• We do all the maintenance work in the background, including system and plugin updates, to assure the best performance for your website

• This website is hosted on SiteGround servers, it’s powered by Google Cloud, Powerful Caching Technology, Top WordPress Performance and more

• You are able to use e-mail services corresponding to your domain name, up to 100 mailbox accounts, you decide and we create them upon request

E-mail services and each account mailbox can be accessed on internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari) and e-mail applications (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Mail). You can configure them easily by using the mailbox coordinates and setup instructions we send you. The capacity for each mailbox is maximum 512 MB.

• This website is provided in 1 language > you decide, we set it (the language your visitors see), while your administration panel can be in multiple languages

A secondary language, or more, can be purchased by increasing the quantity of this product in your basket to the desired number. Include the name of the language(s) in your notes at checkout. They are installed and operate as individual websites served by subdomains linked to your primary domain and you can manage them in the same manner.

For languages other than English, Italian, French, Spanish or Albanian, the translations for all visible text on the website (what your visitors see) need to be provided by you, in the language(s) you want us to synchronise with your website. For example, titles such as “Latest Products” and “Recent Articles”, as well as “Privacy Policy and Terms”, etc.

To have us translate everything by a private professional, contact us before completing your purchase to agree on related terms.

You can benefit in many ways from the publication and commerce features of this internet website. A simple internet website has helped people generate enough income to retire at 40, or even at 30 years of age. You can promote your work and sell products worldwide in a secure way, while your customers enjoy a simple and pleasant experience every time they visit your store. You can keep visitors informed and engaged by publishing articles regularly.

You have the ability to earn money by showing advertisements through images and videos in promotional articles and by connecting to various global platforms (e.g. Google AdSense). Send us the code you get from them and we integrate it with your website database. We also integrate the verification tags these platforms require. Active within 24-72 hours from the moment we get them from you.

It’s safe and practical, easy to use, fully responsive, the main menu in the top header updates automatically with catalogues and labels from your products, as well as article categories and tags.

You retain the ability to create, manage and delete articles and products yourself at any time by accessing the administrative panel. This does not constitute a change to your purchase of this product and its terms remain valid for the entire duration.

• You can have one single account as Owner to manage your entire website, or you can create up to 4 separate account types for different roles and capabilities

Editor: can publish, edit and remove all website articles > no access to store inventory management

Author: can publish, edit and remove only their own articles > no access to your store management

Manager: can publish, edit and remove all website products > no access to articles publication

Assistant: can publish, edit and remove only products they manage > no access to publication

• The role for visitors who create an account is set as Customer > they can manage their own details

You can assign as many accounts as you need to each role. A profile picture is necessary for accounts that publish articles on your website.


Closing Statements

• The final list price for this product is valid for one calendar year from successful purchase, applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 12 consecutive calendar months

• To renew this product for another year at the same price it was purchased and continue using it uninterrupted, follow the guidance provided by the account manager in time

• This product is refundable up to 7 work days from successful purchase confirmation (depending on your chosen payment method, some transaction fees are non-refundable)

Find information on our Terms and policies by reading the pages dedicated to Privacy and Returns.

Automatic Store 002 Provide products, publish articles, website ready.

 1.306,00 31.089,00