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A domain name (DNS, created by Paul Mockapetris in 1983) is a virtual address serving to distinguish its owner on the internet, since there can’t be another identical domain with the same name. A domain name is the translation of a unique IP address on the internet, from a set of numerical coordinates (e.g. into a distinguishable name (e.g. “thercaj”) easily accessible by users.

The domain name is natively preceded by the protocol “http” or “https”, with “https” being the secure protocol version that takes advantage of the SSL/TLS protocol for encryption and authentication in all data exchanges occurring online between platforms and users of the internet through services such as communications via email and navigation on web browsers.

A domain name is followed by a dot and a [top-level-domain] suffix serving to indicate the level in the hierarchical DNS on the internet and is categorised into various types and purposes (e.g. “com” “org” “net”).

General domain naming examples include







practically every name available to the Client for registration.

The Client is able to register a new “domain” name upon availability (not already registered by another owner) serving consequently as the verified electronic address of the Client on the internet.


We provide registration of new domains belonging to “.al” and related suffixes licensed by the Albanian governmental registrar AKEP.


Please, note that we do not sell any AKEP products or services as an affiliate partner nor are we collaborators. We are not related to AKEP nor do we operate on their behalf. Instead, we are regular clients of AKEP’s services (since nearly a decade ago), which we purchase and then legally distribute appropriately and responsibly towards the transparent benefit of our own Clients.


Therçaj INC provides registration of new domains belonging to “.al” and related suffixes licensed by the Albanian governmental registrar AKEP. The Client is associated with a new unique domain name [upon availability] which is registered and activated directly by the official domain registrar, for complete independence on ownership by the Client.


The activation of a new domain name enables the Client to purchase the following product from our virtual store, ready to connect to a registered domain:

■ [1 Year] Electronic Mail Server – EMS – New Email Identity

A great example of a domain name serving as a certified electronic address is <inc@thercaj.al> by which Therçaj INC securely communicates with partners, clients and guests.


The activation of a new domain name enables the Client to purchase the following products from our virtual store, ready to connect to a registered domain:

■ [1 Year] Public Internet Centre – PIC – New Elegant Website

■ [1 Year] Protected Internet Base – PIB – New Secure Website

■ [1 Year] Active Internet Medium – AIM – New Modern Website


A registered domain name needs to be pointed and consequently hosted by a licensed hosting provider in order to be active and functional. We trust our own domain and the Client’s newly registered “.al” domain to SiteGround technologies, who have continuously proven to be a magnificent choice for our increasing necessities over the years.


We provide activation of new hosting server plans enabled independently by SiteGround.

The activation of a new hosting server service is available for purchase from our internet store:

■ [1 Year] Web Hosting Technology – WHT – Powered By Google Cloud


Our internet address “thercaj.al” [with or without the preceding “www.”] is a great example of a domain name – UII – since it’s where you are currently navigating [on this website] and it’s through this secure domain that you can view our published content and make purchases directly from our virtual store.


Purchase Includes:

■ 1 unique domain name registration

■ Domain name activation via AKEP

■ Independent ownership of domain

■ 5 [calendar] years’ service activation

Service Activation:

1. You [Client] Complete the Purchase

2. Purchase Confirmation is successful

3. Client decides the new domain name

4. We complete registration of domain

5. Client’s domain ready for activation

Product Activation:

■ 48 to 72 Hours from Confirmation


Use Requirements:

■ Client Signature on registration form

■ Use the internet services responsibly!

Prior Requirements:

■ Domain name not already registered


Purchase Payment:

■ Invoice paid by direct Bank Transfer


Alternative domains ending in myriad suffixes are available on the internet. Browse all licensed registrars available on the internet using our unique Google-Enhanced Search Engine.



Closing Statements:

■ The final list price for purchasing this product on our virtual store is valid for five years of service activation applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 60 consecutive calendar months’ active service from successful confirmation of purchase.

Find detailed information on Terms of activation and safe continuation of products and services purchased using our virtual internet store on thercaj.al by reading the pages dedicated to policies on Returns and Privacy.

[5 Years] Unique Internet Identifier - UII - New Domain .al


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