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The World Wide Web (created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989) is the technological infrastructure that enables websites to be available around the world by web browsers on fixed and mobile devices connected to the internet.

The entirety of websites around the globe in function today constitute the world wide web. An internet website is a wonderful medium able to connect and unite people virtually no matter where they are physically located on earth.

There are fantastic websites (e.g. Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon) which provide people exceptional information, services and products. A website has the magnificent power to bring together billions of people from around the world, guided by causes, interests, passions, desire, curiosity, necessity and the simplicity that public specialised websites provide for free to all internet users.

The evolution of website related technologies and infrastructural developments made in recent years empower virtually everyone with access to internet to have a website, where they are able to share knowledge and information with the whole world (e.g. writing, images, audio, video, interactive modules, smart applications).


We provide the Client with a new website ready for activation. We have put together in advance all the structural components and design elements that make a website modern and complete. The website is pre-configured and ready to connect to the Client’s registered domain name – UII.


The Client’s PIC – new website – is already enriched with plugins trusted by millions of websites globally. It’s a completely functional website application that is verified and secure, quickly reachable from anywhere within millisecond, interactive, clean and organised, while being beautifully structured in its entirety.

Websites we provide are original, created by applying over a decade’s experience and accumulative specialised knowledge earned throughout our expansion towards the extraordinary dimension that is the internet.

The Client’s website is the result of years of research and experience, having been created by applying our updated knowledgebase, creativity, vision, and insightful feedback, while adhering to international security regulations and experts’ guidance applicable to digital multimedia content, electronic mailing services and internet related interactions.


Site Configuration:

■ One individual personalised web page (i.e. Home), accumulating to 3 in total including Archive and Privacy as pre-configured integral pages

The website functions as a unique landing page for welcoming guests, providing introductory information (e.g. text, images, audio, video) and contacts of the Client, as well as few recent publications leading to the Archive.

■ 1 navigation menu which provides resources made available to users quickly and simply in the form of a drop-down, in the top-sticky header of the website

The Palette menu facilitates navigation towards specific categories and content on the website.

■ 1 icon-shaped preset navigation link, in the bottom-sticky footer of the website

The Anchor icon directs visitors to the Privacy page (already compiled, unless indicated by Client to be replaced with their own determined policies).


Besides all the pre-configured applications, settings, templates and integral components included with the purchase of a new PIC website by the Client, they enjoy the publication features provided by the website. The Client is able to make available publicly on the internet, for direct access from anywhere in the world, multiple projects, ideas, thoughts, inspirations, necessities, entertainment, information, services and imaginative creations.

Guests on their behalf, when visiting the Client’s new website, they find a welcoming internet dimension where they can come together safely and comfortably to contribute, discuss, exchange and obtain the opportunities provided by the Client.


Therçaj INC empowers the Client with a completely functional new website, corresponding uniquely to a domain name registered by the Client. The Public Internet Centre – PIC – is an elegant website which encourages the spread of information, knowledge, experiences and emotions. Communications from the Client to the world become reachable and accessible on the internet from around the world, with the Client being themselves in control of censorship, limitations and advertising applied throughout the website.

We encourage the activation of a new PIC to the Client by identifying the purpose it’s intended to serve. This particular internet medium fulfills the Client’s necessity to publicly broadcast their own content virtually on the internet to guests visiting their new website. The PIC is an extraordinary channel for communicating regularly with large worldwide audiences, building connections and expanding peoples’ opportunities to come together.

The publishing of articles, digital presentations, audiovisual media products and photo galleries on the website is natively managed by the Client in complete autonomy, being able to express their inspiration immediately, accessible and controllable securely from internet-enabled personal desktop computers, laptops, mobile smartphones and tablets.

The PIC website we provide to the Client is already configured and ready to be activated. It includes SSL/TSL-ecryption security certification and comprises trusted security and feature-enabling plugins, statistical analysis and safety monitoring applications, it maintains a pre-designed thematic visual appearance and functional structure, multi-device responsiveness, global reachability, ease of navigation and provides user-friendly interactions.

Upon successful confirmation of purchase of a new website from our virtual store, the Client submits their own multimedial materials (e.g. images, videos, documents, audio files) and their visual requirements related to colors applied to the website’s interface, icons displayed, specific navigation elements and menu positioning, as well as provides the written content, to be featured on the new Client’s website.


Our own website “thercaj.al” is a practical demonstration of features, components and interactive elements of the Client’s newly activated website, serving as a template for previewing safety, functionality, speed, responsiveness, navigation and the interface as a whole, while envisioning what is to be expected on the new website we activate for the Client.


Purchase Includes:

■ A one-time-only prepaid registration of [5 Years] Unique Internet Identifier – UII – New Domain .al for the Client, as if it were purchased individually from our virtual store

■ A one-time-only prepaid activation of [1 Year] Electronic Mail Server – EMS – New Email Identity for the Client, as if it were purchased individually from our virtual store

■ A one-time-only prepaid services of [1 Year] Web Hosting Technology – WHT – Powered By Google Cloud for the Client, as if it were purchased individually from our virtual store

■ New pre-configured Public Internet Centre – PIC – website ready for activation, displayed in one language indicated by Client

■ A one-time-only initial visual adaptation of styling and design-related requests decided by the Client

■ A one-time-only initial comprehensive synchronisation by uploading and properly interconnecting the Client’s multimedia material and written content submitted as confirmed for publication

■ A one-time-only flexible adaptation of the new website’s sitemap (inner pages’ hierarchical structuring, e.g. Home, About, Contacts) and navigation menus to update the composition reflecting the indications approved by the Client

■ 1 [calendar] year’s service activation

■ Regular updating of all applications

■ Emergency maintenance assistance

■ Scheduled tutorials providing guidance and support in familiarising with the use of the administrative panel of the website, from where content is created, published, managed and updated by the Client

Service Activation:

1. You [Client] Complete the Purchase

2. Purchase Confirmation is successful

3. The Client decides one “.al” domain name for registration and connection to the website, unless they prefer to provide another domain name registered by them

4. Client decides the language to be used for displaying the website and submits electronically all the content they approve for publishing on their new website (e.g. text, images, audio, video, links)

5. The Client decides 1 to 4 email mailbox name(s) for activation and initial configuration

6. We synchronise the information provided by the client with the pre-configured PIC website, arranging the contents as decided by the Client, while emailing services become usable immediately after configuration

7. The new PIC website of the Client is active and completely functional, ready to welcome visitors and guests from around the world

Product Activation:

■ Within Reasonable Timing [considering the volume of submitted materials and visual adaptations decided by the Client], varying between 5 and 8 working days from receiving the materials submitted as approved by the Client


Use Requirements:

■ Accessed by internet-enabled devices

■ Use the website services responsibly!

Prior Requirements:

■ A domain name owned by the Client [applicable when the Client decides to register a domain other than “.al” and related suffixes]

■ All written content, digital audiovisual materials and approved formats are to be created, redacted and submitted by the Client using our verified electronic channels of communication [flexible to fit convenience]


Purchase Payment:

■ Invoice paid by direct Bank Transfer


Alternative domains ending in myriad suffixes are available on the internet. Browse all licensed registrars available on the internet using our unique Google-Enhanced Search Engine.



Closing Statements:

■ The final list price for purchasing this product on our virtual store is valid for one year of service activation applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 12 consecutive calendar months’ active service from successful confirmation of purchase.

Find detailed information on Terms of activation and safe continuation of products and services purchased using our virtual internet store on thercaj.al by reading the pages dedicated to policies on Returns and Privacy.

[1 Year] Public Internet Centre - PIC - New Elegant Website


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