[1 Year] Electronic Mail Server - EMS - New Email Identity


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E-mail messaging (created by Ray Tomlinson in 1971) is the world’s default communication channel wherever there’s internet access and necessity to exchange electronic correspondences combined with downloadable files (e.g. documents, media files, archives).

Public Free Electronic Mail Service Providers (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) continuously develop and release upgrades to improve performance and user experience with increased security technologies.

Verified email accounts [instead of using free public domains] deliver the online safety and professionalism that builds trustworthy and healthy communications that securely reach intended inboxes on delivery.

General examples of preferred email address formats include







where “domain” is replaced by the Client’s own [UII] domain (e.g. company name, family name, cause, art, hobby, purpose, etc. – in principle every name available for registration, meaning not already registered by another owner) serving consequently as the verified electronic address of the Client in all email correspondences.


Mailboxes [we provide] are hosted by SiteGround issuing SSL-encrypted connections at all times for receiving and sending emails.


“Thanks to Secure IMAP (IMAPs), POP3 (POP3s), and SMTP (SMTPs), all incoming and outgoing communication from and to a remote mail server is encrypted.” – Hristo Pandjarov, WordPress Initiatives Manager – SiteGround Blog (Feb 24, 2009)

Please, note that we do not sell any SiteGround products or services as an affiliate partner nor are we collaborators. We are not related to SiteGround nor do we operate on their behalf. Instead, we are regular clients of SiteGround’s services (since nearly a decade ago), which we purchase and then legally distribute appropriately and responsibly towards the transparent benefit of our own Clients.


Therçaj INC provides the Client direct secure access to dedicated email services. The Client becomes the owner of 1 to 4 new individual email accounts, named per Client’s directions, ready for activation on all devices supporting email exchange and synchronisation. The Client can use all email mailboxes even without having an active internet website running on the domain connected to the email account(s).

SSL/TSL-ecryption security certification applies to all mailboxes on incoming and outgoing electronic correspondences (emails).


Purchase Includes:

■ 1 to 4 independent email account(s)

■ Access directly by internet browser

■ Mobile device mail synchronisation

■ 512 MB mailbox quota per account

■ Autonomous mailbox management

■ 1 [calendar] year’s service activation

Service Activation:

1. You [Client] Complete the Purchase

2. Purchase Confirmation is successful

3. Client decides 1 to 4 account names

4. We create mailbox(es) on account(s)

5. Client is ready for the configuration

Product Activation:

■ Within 48 Hours from Confirmation


Use Requirements:

■ Accessed by internet-enabled devices

■ Use all emailing services responsibly!

Prior Requirements:

■ A domain name owned by the Client


Purchase Payment:

■ Invoice paid by direct Bank Transfer


We provide registration of new domains belonging to “.al” and related suffixes licensed by the Albanian governmental registrar AKEP.

The activation of a new unique .al domain is available for purchase from our internet store:

■ [5 Years] Unique Internet Identifier – UII – New Domain .al


Alternative domains ending in myriad suffixes are available on the internet. Browse all licensed registrars available on the internet using our unique Google-Enhanced Search Engine.



Closing Statements:

■ The final list price for purchasing this product on our virtual store is valid for one year of service activation applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for 12 consecutive calendar months’ active service from successful confirmation of purchase.

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[1 Year] Electronic Mail Server - EMS - New Email Identity


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