1 Project • Preparatory Feasibility Study • PFS • Drafting and Quotations

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Therçaj INC reassures the Client with a comprehensive preparatory study of feasibility for their new project, translated into a detailed report inclusive of drafts, documentation and illustrations related to the development of the Client’s project, as well as applicable quotations.

Factual data is the key component in the preparation and compilation of insightful reports provided to the Client, serving to determine the viability of their undertaking and the ideal path which leads to a successful enterprise that merges efficiency with effectiveness.

We encourage the compilation of a new PFS to the Client by identifying the purpose it’s intended to serve. This particular preparatory feasibility study fulfills the Client’s necessity to understand in advance the benefits, as well as the risks, related to the materialisation of their new project. Various undertakings are prone to succeed when they follow the internationally endorsed guidance provided by experts of their relevant markets.


Our objective is to establish a transparent connection with the Client, by providing them with updated information and analytical reports on their target audiences, markets and consumers. We research publicly available data and rely on the expertise of our trusted sources, to bring together drafts in the form of documents and relevant illustrations.


Upon successfully purchasing the PFS from our secure virtual store, the Client shall await Confirmation of Acceptance. That is to assure the Client that we have taken their proposed project into consideration and we are ready to engage in the successful fulfillment of their purchase.


Purchase Includes:

■ A comprehensive report analysing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats related to their project

■ A detailed report composed of essential market research and statistical data relevant to the Client’s new project

■ Drafting of preliminary documents crucial to the successful materialisation of the project, following guidance at institutional level, peer related publications and consumer satisfaction indicators

■ [Applicable] Images serving to illustrate and facilitate the interpretation of data through visual adaptations

■ An initial unbiased evaluation of the new project’s indicators and objectives, by emphasising the benefits of globally approved practices combined with our knowledgebase [when applicable]

■ Development Drafting and Quotation for one project’s PFS

■ Updates on unexpected and unforeseen changes and occurrences in the world directly impacting the Client’s project [when applicable]

Service Activation:

1. You [Client] Complete the Purchase

2. Purchase Confirmation is successful

3. The Client submits electronically [by replying to the confirmation e-mail] their project’s description and all available relevant details that contribute to the development of their new project

4. We evaluate our available resources and capabilities required for fulfilling the Client’s purchase, to then either Accept to engage in their project’s PFS or reschedule [at Client’s convenience]

5. Upon receiving Confirmation of Acceptance, the Client completes their payment of purchase, as indicated in the invoice received after their purchase from our virtual store

6. The Client receives a comprehensive compilation including drafts, documents and relevant illustrations regarding the development of their project and detailed quotations for materialisation

7. The Client approves the received Development Drafting and Quotation and decides to contract us, Therçaj INC for the development of their new project according to the PFS’s outcomes and projections

[Otherwise] The Client confirms that they wish to retain the Development Drafting documents and Quotation report, to either resume development later, or continue independently on their path, entitled to use at their best convenience all information provided by us

Product Activation:

■ Within Reasonable Timing [considering the volume of materials and the project’s details submitted by the Client], varying between 7 and 14 working days from receiving the materials submitted as approved by the Client


Use Requirements:

■ Acceptance of documents by the Client

■ Use the public information responsibly!

Prior Requirements:

■ All written content, digital audiovisual materials and submitted files relevant to the purchase and resulting data exchanges, are to be protected and treated as confidential by both the Client and Therçaj INC, including our respective partners, collaborators, and consumers.


Purchase Payment:

■ Invoice paid by direct Bank Transfer


Closing Statements:

■ The final list price for purchasing this product on our virtual store is valid for one single project applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for one comprehensive PFS, from successful confirmation of purchase.

Find detailed information on Terms of activation and safe continuation of products and services purchased using our virtual internet store on thercaj.al by reading the pages dedicated to policies on Returns and Privacy.

1 Project • Preparatory Feasibility Study • PFS • Drafting and Quotations

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Market research (created professionally by Daniel Starch in the early 1920s) is essential when we aim for growth and progress, whether it’s to validate operational concepts or materialise factual projections.

The Preparatory Feasibility Study consists in gathering and analysing updated quantitative statistics, extracting available market knowledge and information, as well as determining development costs and requisitions applicable to the Client’s new project.

The preparation of a comprehensive market research and development study takes various inputs into account, including unbiased expertise, recent polls, public information, anonymous questionnaires and targeted surveys.


We provide the Client with an analytical report which determines the most favourable scenario for developing their project, while encouraging great consideration towards their end consumers’ attention. The Client’s commercial profile leads to their market identity, therefore our PFS emphasises trust, transparency and the importance of being a genuine provider in the public opinion’s mind.


The Preparatory Feasibility Study enables the Client to obtain a compilation of relevant drafts and quotations regarding the actual development of their project, which they are able to outsource to any contractor of their choice.


Please, note that the list price for a PFS – Preparatory Feasibility Study – is payable only when we Accept and Confirm to the Client our engagement in fulfilling their purchase (not to be confused with the automatic electronic invoice the Client receives via e-mail directly after purchasing a product from our secure virtual store on the internet “thercaj.al”). The amount paid by the Client for purchasing the initial PFS from our virtual store shall be deducted from the final invoice, regarding the completion of their new project, applicable when the Client agrees to contract us, Therçaj INC as their trusted developers.


The Client is entitled to request a Refund of the amount paid by them for purchasing the PFS from our secure virtual store on the internet, valid only when the Client objectively explains in detail the reason(s) why they consider the subsequently received Development Drafting documentation and Quotation(s) to be either unlawful, irrelevant, incomprehensible, or to be of no application whatsoever to the Client’s endeavours which were clearly presented by them before their purchase of the PFS was confirmed in written to be accepted by us (for then to have been paid in full by the Client, and then fulfilled by us accordingly). A refund immediately disqualifies the Client, and any other parties related to them, and prohibits them to use any received materials and information obtained by Therçaj INC, while forbidding any kind of publishing, sharing and distribution at all times of any materials received by us or third parties related to us as a result of and related to the Client´s purchase of the PFS from our virtual store. The Client´s demand for a Refund [when applicable] will be considered valid and consequently evaluated objectively when submitted by the Client within 48 hours from receiving their final Drafting and Quotation(s) documentation and materials. Refund requests [when applicale] shall be sent by the Client as a reply to the e-mail address from which they received their electronic invoice by Therçaj INC, including valid detailed explanations and concrete specifications as to why they demand the refund in question. Once their request is Approved by us (evaluation times for requested refunds vary between 14 and 28 working days, not including payment processing times when applicable), the agreed amount which is to be refunded shall be paid to the Client´s same bank coordinates from where the payment was initially received from as a result of the purchase made by the Client on our secure virtual store on the internet.

1 Project • Preparatory Feasibility Study • PFS • Drafting and Quotations

 1,00 101,00

SKU 0001-PFS Catalogues ,