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Meta (Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly Facebook, Inc.) is the company (created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg) which develops and runs global connectivity platforms such as the renowned Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, including various other websites and applications.

“Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.” – The Facebook Team (about.facebook.com)

Social media networking has become an inseparable component of everyday life for billions, empowering people, communities and businesses to connect with ease while being able to communicate with the entire world on the internet. Organisations find Meta platforms to be of great use when they aim to expand and broadcast their messages to larger audiences.

Developments and improvements applied by Meta to their products and services intend to assure the public and users of their social network platforms on privacy and data safety, which is crucial when accessing shared platforms on the internet. Furthermore, the innovative enhancements which are continuously introduced as integral features of the social media networking platforms, provide great facilitation and increase the opportunities for people to reach and connect with each other, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come together with such simplicity.


Therçaj INC provides the Client with a complete initial setup of their presence on the three main Meta platforms: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (Business version when applicable). When purchasing the Meta Business Setup – MBS – through our virtual store on the internet, the Client unlocks the power and the magnificent potential of networking through social media.

We provide a specialised MBS installation and configuration to the Client, by creating their unique profile and setting the platforms’ parameters to preferred levels of functionality. The three platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp provide the technical ability to interconnect natively with one another, thus ensuring that the Client remains active and broadcasts as a single identifiable profile while operating autonomously on each different platform.


We ensure the Client that their profile on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is configured to appropriate settings and connected correctly in order for the Client to be identifiable and trustworthy online, as well as make use of all actively available features of the Meta platforms. The features provided by Meta platforms and the social media networks operated by Meta Platforms, Inc. have great potential to fulfill people’s necessities and bring people to their chosen destination on the internet, which can be unleashed by making the best use of each specific configurable parameter on each of the platforms independently.


Available Meta Platforms:

■ Facebook (including Messenger)

■ Instagram (with interconnection)

■ WhatsApp (Business application)


Please, note that we do not sell any Meta products or services as an affiliate partner nor are we collaborators. We are not related to Meta nor do we operate on their behalf. Instead, we are regular clients and users of Meta’s services (since nearly a decade and a half ago), which we learn about and gain specialised knowledge on available functionalities, to then legally distribute appropriately and responsibly towards the transparent benefit of our own Clients.


Therçaj INC enables the Client to become an entity that is easily reachable by their audiences on three major social networking and media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (including Business versions), which are products provided and operated by Meta Platforms, Inc. worldwide.

Our purpose is to provide the Client with a socially admirable internet presence that identifies them as trustworthy providers and emphasise their approach towards consumers. In addition, we facilitate the initial configuration process of starting a new MBS for the Client by updating the settings to levels that produce the best performance results applicable to the Client’s necessities.

The Client benefits from our specialised understanding and updated knowledge regarding the features and opportunities provided by all three Meta platforms, which when combined unlock the potential of interactivity and connectivity. The curators of these brilliant platforms themselves emphasise how “Our products empower more than 3 billion people around the world to share ideas, offer support and make a difference.” and that is why we are proud to be able to enable the Client to embrace the great opportunities available through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp alike.


Our aim is to facilitate the registration and proper configuration of the three Meta platforms for the Client, while emphasising that their own security and their audiences’ attention deserve the utmost respect. The Client is consequently able to focus on their achievements and regular meaningful communications with the public, while avoiding the risks that arise from improper configuration and amatorial use of social media features and capabilities.


Purchase Includes:

■ 1 Profile’s setup on three Meta platforms

■ Creation of one Facebook Page (with a new management profile when applicable)

■ Configuration of Facebook settings producing appropriate outcomes for the Client

■ Setting up of automated responses linked to Messenger (intuitive virtual assistant)

■ Creation of an Instagram Page (incorporating the Client’s identity and information)

■ Guidance on one WhatsApp Business account (reflecting Facebook and Instagram)

■ Automation of data synchronisation between all three connected Meta platforms

■ Scheduled informative tutorial(s) to guide and instruct the Client on maintenance

■ Emergency response upon accidental misconfiguration on any of three platforms

Service Activation:

1. You [Client] Complete the Purchase

2. Purchase Confirmation is successful

3. You provide us with relevant details

4. We configure three Meta platforms

5. Client is ready to engage audiences

Product Activation:

■ 7 to 14 Work Days from Confirmation


Use Requirements:

■ Internet, computer and smartphone

■ Use the Meta platforms responsibly!

Prior Requirements:

■ The Client is to provide all relevant information regarding their identity and copywriting targeting their preferred audiences, in a language of their choice, which is to be incorporated with the Client’s new MBS, together with required images (e.g. profile photo such as a logo, cover photo when available, up to 12 appropriate images to be initially featured on their profile).

■ One valid mobile phone number activated and able to receive messages on an appropriate device, not already associated to another Meta account [when applicable]


Purchase Payment:

■ Invoice paid by direct Bank Transfer


Closing Statements:

■ The final list price for purchasing this product on our virtual store is valid for one profile’s setup applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for one comprehensive MBS [including all three platforms], from successful confirmation of purchase.

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[1 Profile] Meta Business Setup - MBS - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp


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