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Google (parent company: Alphabet Inc.) is the company (created in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin) which develops and runs global collaborative platforms such as the renowned Search, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Earth, Workspace, YouTube, including various other websites and applications.

“With product inclusion, it’s really looking end to end at the design and development process and saying: Who else needs to be in the room? Who else do we need to have perspective from? And I think co-creating is really integral to building a product that actually suits the world.” – Ms Annie-Jean Baptiste, Head of Product Inclusion & Equity, Google

Google’s products and resources have become an essential assembly of tools and technologies that improve everyday life for billions, empowering people, communities and businesses to access information with ease while being able to communicate and collaborate with the entire world on the internet. Organisations find Google products to be of great use when they aim to facilitate workflow and exponentiate their growth capabilities with greater security.

Developments and improvements applied by Google to their products and multitude of services intend to assure the public and users of their resourceful technologies on privacy and data safety, which is crucial when accessing shared public spaces on the internet. Furthermore, the innovative enhancements which are continuously introduced as integral features and capabilities of their products, provide great facilitation and increase the opportunities for people to research and communicate with each other, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to collaborate with such ease.


Therçaj INC provides a specialised GPS installation and configuration to the Client, by creating their unique account and setting the services’ parameters to preferred levels of functionality. The two products, namely Drive and Keep provide the technical ability to save, share and archive selected digital files and information securely on the internet, thus ensuring that the Client has access to their materials everywhere when they need it, without the obligation to carry important and sensitive data in delicate physical storage drives.

Furthermore, [My] Business enables the Client to become searchable and easy to connect with on Google, while maintaining a trustworthy internet presence reflecting their identity. Consequently, the Client gets verified and then enlisted on Google Maps, making them reachable by billions of people throughout the world.

Additionally, we create [unless instructed otherwise] a YouTube channel belonging uniquely to the Client, who becomes able to showcase their services and products alike, share daily inspiration and proudly broadcast their work on the internet. Please, be aware that identity verification applies only to the Google Search and Maps profile, not to the YouTube channel which has separate requirements and timeframe policies (not included with your purchase of this GPS product from our virtual store).


We ensure the Client that their account and public profile on Google’s products we configure is set to appropriate settings and matches requirements correctly in order for the Client to be identifiable and verified online, as well as make use of great tools and features provided by Google [available products].


Available Google Products:

■ Drive (includes 15 GB of storage provided for free by Google, with ability to upgrade)

■ Keep (provides ability to access from web browsers and smartphones simultaneously)

■ Business (enables the appearance on Google Search as an open verified organisation)

■ YouTube (improves the capacities for broadcasting and interaction with live audiences)


Please, note that we do not sell any Google products or services as an affiliate partner nor are we collaborators. We are not related to Google nor do we operate on their behalf. Instead, we are regular clients and users of Google’s products and services (since nearly two decades ago), which we learn about and gain specialised knowledge on available functionalities, to then legally distribute appropriately and responsibly towards the transparent benefit of our own Clients.


Therçaj INC enables the Client to become an entity that is easily reachable by their audiences via Google Search and Maps. Furthermore, once we create their unique account and relevant profile the Client obtains clear guidance and instructions on how to make the best use of the capabilities provided by Google’s four great products, namely Drive, Keep, Business and YouTube, which are products owned and operated by Alphabet Inc. worldwide.

Our purpose is to provide the Client with a trustworthy and accessible internet presence that identifies them as genuine providers and emphasise their approach towards consumers. In addition, we facilitate the initial configuration process of starting a new GPS for the Client by updating the settings to levels that produce the best performance results applicable to the Client’s necessities.

The Client benefits from our specialised understanding and updated knowledge regarding the features and opportunities provided by all four Google products, which when combined unlock the potential of mobility and digital security. The curators of these brilliant products themselves emphasise how “Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” and that is why we are proud to be able to enable the Client to increase their capacities greatly through secure products such as Google Drive, Keep, Business and YouTube.


Our aim is to facilitate the registration and proper configuration of the four Google products for the Client, while emphasising that their own security and their audiences’ attention deserve the utmost respect. The Client is consequently able to focus on their operational goals through secure interactions on the internet, while avoiding the risks that arise from improper configuration and amatorial use of collaborative internet spaces’ features and capabilities.


Therçaj INC provides the Client with a complete initial setup of their account on Google, while ensuring that business accounts are registered appropriately using the designated products. When purchasing the Google Products Setup – GPS – through our virtual store on the internet, the Client benefits from the combination of great tools intended to provide the Client simple access to their archived digital files (e.g. documents, photos, myriad file types and saved notes) from anywhere just by having access to an internet-enabled device.


Purchase Includes:

■ 1 Profile’s account setup on four Google products

■ Creation of one Business Page (with verified presence on Google Search and Maps)

■ Configuration of Business settings producing appropriate outcomes for the Client

■ Activation of messaging capabilities provided by Google Business (configuration)

■ Creation of one Google Drive profile (with 15 GB storage space, ability to upgrade)

■ Instructions on the activation of one Google Keep application (for mobile devices)

■ Guidance on Google Drive and Keep applications’ use (instructions on capabilities)

■ Creation of a YouTube channel (incorporating the Client’s identity and information)

■ Data synchronisation between all devices for Contacts and Calendar (upon request)

■ Scheduled informative tutorial(s) to guide and instruct the Client on using products

■ Emergency response upon accidental misconfigurations on any of four instruments

Service Activation:

1. You [Client] Complete the Purchase

2. Purchase Confirmation is successful

3. You provide us with relevant details

4. We configure four Google products

5. Client is ready to interact anywhere

Product Activation:

■ 7 to 21 Work Days from Confirmation


Use Requirements:

■ Internet, computer and smartphone

■ Use Google’s products responsibly!

Prior Requirements:

■ The Client is to provide all relevant information regarding their identity and copywriting targeting their preferred audiences, in a language of their choice, which is to be incorporated with the Client’s new GPS, together with required images (e.g. profile photo such as a logo, cover photo when available, up to 6 appropriate images to be initially featured on their Business profile and up to 3 videos to be published on their YouTube channel).

■ One valid mobile phone number activated and able to receive messages on an appropriate device, not already associated to another Google account [when applicable]


Purchase Payment:

■ Invoice paid by direct Bank Transfer


Closing Statements:

■ The final list price for purchasing this product on our virtual store is valid for one profile’s setup applicable as a whole, indicating the total value for one comprehensive GPS [including all four products], from successful confirmation of purchase.

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[1 Profile] Google Products Setup - GPS - Drive, Keep, Business, YouTube


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