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Our operational purpose is to make available worldwide the expertise and capacities we have accumulated thanks to many invaluable unforgettable opportunities and practical lessons, to the benefit of our Clients' increase of resources and capabilities, with primary focus on empowering people and organisations alike.

"Therçaj INC" is our entrepreneurial identity which we proudly carry on as an esteemed family name. While facing many notorious and unpredictable challenging decades of transitions, we have triumphed to maintain alive and inherit the captivating passion and energy that characterise our work, together with our infinite love for the arts and sciences, as well as our cultural values and ethnic traditions.

We intend to echo vividly true historical data, scientific studies, and promising advancements aiming steady development for generations to come. We will take every opportunity we can to present the world our inimitable nation, Albania, and the great patriots who glorify our honourable traditions and cultural values throughout the globe with their arts, athleticism, humanitarianism and genuine enterprises.

Inspire Millions
Communication channels able to fascinate audiences.
Embrace Billions
Clever applications made to benefit generations.
Raise Individuals
Simultaneous interactions for reaching personalities.
Discover Joy
Inclusive congregations which focus on achievements.
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Agreeable terms and policies.


We are reachable globally and able to collaborate with Clients from all over the world, while always keeping focus on values and virtues as our honourable and inseparable companions.


We welcome work proposals and enquiries regarding collaborations from anywhere on planet Earth.





During these past four decades we have seen our family name "Therçaj" grow and expand into fantastic new dimensions. Our beloved work has introduced us to magnificent opportunities taking us on four continents. Many wonderful communities have taught us throughout the years about embracing their mesmerising cultures, and this has empowered us to build everlasting friendships and steady partnerships with admirable people who inspire and lead by example.

Broadening our horizon has allowed us to understand the power of diversity and master the proficiency to communicate meaningfully on respectable international media broadcasts. We have developed original projects while interacting with audiences in five languages, English, Italian, French, Chinese and our much beloved mother tongue, Albanian.

We kindly invite you to read our thoughtful publications, where we express our views and vision towards topics regarding our work projects and various related aspects. Furthermore, we do appreciate feedback greatly, which is why it would give us joy to receive correspondences, as well as constructive criticism from Clients, readers and regular visitors alike.

Our new internet website "" including our virtual store aim to provide all Clients with transparency and simplicity when purchasing our products, while maintaining safety at the peak of our priorities. It gives us great satisfaction to write truthfully about the experiences we accumulate while interacting with the world, therefore you might find our narratives to be of different natures including observational, educational, informative, comic, theoretical, empirical, imaginative and rather emotional at times.


You have the ability to purchase a new Preparatory Feasibility Study directly from our secure virtual store on the internet. By doing so, you shall obtain an advanced evaluation [upon availability] of your work proposal, compiled into a clear collection of reports and relevant illustrations.


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