Biography of Therçaj INC by the founder (ET)

We are reachable globally and open to collaborations, on our internet website and in person.

Our operational purpose is to make available the expertise and resources we have accumulated thanks to the many great opportunities presented to us throughout the years, in the form of practical cases and precious lessons learnt.

You can improve your resources and increase work capabilities by purchasing specialised products we sell on our virtual store. We are open to your feedback and proposals to improve our current services and develop new products.

Therçaj INC (pronounced /ˈθertʃaɪ/ in Albanian) is our entrepreneurial identity. We carry an esteemed family name originating from the northern region of Albania, the district of Malësia e Madhe, in the tiny town of Kastrat.

INC stands for “In nocte consilium” in Latin, meaning “Tomorrow is a new day” in English. We see people around the world coming together more and more, fighting for causes they believe in, standing for human rights, animal welfare and caring for the planet. The media and the internet have become inseparable companions of people from different walks of life.

Tomorrow is a new day, because we humans have said so. We are the only beings who can make a difference for the better. A better tomorrow is that in which there is only one border, the sky; only one race, the human race; and only one nation, the Earth.

We have faced and lived through many notorious and unpredictable decades of frustration, brutal transitions and discrimination that only aliens might be able to fathom. We are still here today, having triumphed to inherit the values, the passion and the energy that characterise our work. We love the arts and sciences, as well as our ethnic background, therefore we take every chance we get to push forward the great people and organisations who contribute to a better society.

We aim to echo true historical data, scientific studies, cultural values, intellectual creations and steady development for generations to come. We will take every opportunity we can to present the world our inimitable nation, Albania, and the great people who carry on our honourable traditions and virtues globally with their arts, athleticism, charitable works and genuine enterprises.

During these past four decades we have seen the name Therçaj grow and expand into captivating dimensions. Our beloved work has introduced us to wonderful communities who have taught us about embracing diversity. We have built everlasting friendships and steady partnerships on four continents, with admirable people who inspire and lead by example.

We know the power of an open mind. We have demonstrated our proficiency to communicate meaningfully on respectable media broadcasts. We have developed original projects while interacting with audiences in many languages, together with our beloved mother tongue, Gjuha Shqipe.

The articles we publish express our vision toward topics that relate to our work and help us lead a better life. Through our internet website “” we aim to provide transparency and simplicity to visitors, who can purchase our products on “” safely.

Safety is at the peak of our priorities. We are truthful about the experiences we have while interacting with the world, therefore you might find our narratives to be of various natures, including emotional at times.

Your attention is precious to us, thank You.

Biography of Therçaj INC by the founder (ET)

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